Popular wedding flowers and their meanings

Flowers play a key role at wedding ceremonies and receptions. Floral expressions serve both as beautiful decorations and living adornments that showcase the bride and groom.

But did you know that individual flowers bear meanings that symbolize particular values and attitudes? As the bride, when you incorporate flowers into your hair, bouquet, the bouquets/boutonnières of your attendants, ceremony/reception venue decorations and even your bridal suite you’re adding special meaning to your wedding.

Here’s a fun overview for you to consider for your wedding day, a list of the flowers we like the best.

Flower Name: Calla lilies
Symbolizes/meaning: Sweetness and Happiness; traditionally means “magnificent beauty”, which is something all brides want to be on their wedding day, and
Best use: Bouquets and arrangements
Price Range: Inexpensive.
Season: Spring and summer
Color: white, pink, mauve or peach.

Flower Name: Hydrangeas
Symbolizes/meaning: Hydrangeas traditionally stand for friendship, devotion and understanding – everything a new husband and wife could want as they start their new life together!
Best use:  Bouquets and arrangements
Season: Spring and fall
Colors: White pink, blue and purple.

Flower Name: Orchids
Symbolizes/meaning: Almost universally understood to mean a rare, delicate love. Orchids represent, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury and strength.
Best use: Boutonniere, corsages and bouquets
Price Range: Expensive
Season: You can find year-round – mostly imported
Colors: Orchids come in virtually every color of the rainbow. Bright flame-red and orange, golden yellow, drab or vivid green, various blues and purples, tan, brown, pure white, nearly black, violent or subtle pink…

Flower Name: Gardenias
Symbolizes/meaning: Gardenia flowers represent love, purity and joy.
Best use: The delicate white flowers make for a beautiful, meaningful addition to a bouquet and to boutonnieres
Price Range: Expensive
Season: Year round
Colors: Comes in shades of white or pale yellow

Flower Name: Tulips
Symbolizes/meaning: Tulips represent a declaration of love – much like the one you’ll both be making when you say your vows!
Best use: bouquet and arrangements
Price Range: Expensive
Season: Late spring
Colors: Tulips are available in nearly every color of the rainbow, with some varieties having petals in multiple tones or colors in a single bloom. You’ll find tulips in deep shades like maroon, black and purple, pure white, cream and palest yellow.

Flower Name: Stephanotis
Symbolizes/meaning: Also known as the “Bridal Veil”, Stephanotis flowers are possibly the most traditional wedding flowers you can find. They symbolize marital happiness.
Best use: Arrangements and bouquets
Price Range: Moderate
Season: Year round
Colors: Stephanotis are only available in white.

Flower Name: Lilacs
Symbolizes/meaning: Lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love (purple variety) and youthful innocence (white variety).
Best use: Arrangements and bouquets
Price Range: Moderate to expensive
Season: Beautiful flowers for a spring wedding. French lilacs can be imported all year-round
Colors: There are hundreds of lilac varieties. Flower colors range from rich, burgundy-purple to lilac, lavender, blue, white and even creamy yellow.

Flower Name: Lily-of-the-valley
Symbolizes/meaning: In addition to trustworthiness, lily of the valley also represents the return of love and happiness. It is also known as “Our Lady’s tears”, and carries a deeply spiritual significance.
Best use: Arrangements or as part of bouquets
Price Range: Moderate to expensive
Season: Summer, can be imported all year-round
Colors: White and pink

Flower Name: Magnolia
Symbolizes/meaning: People really appreciate the magnolia not only for the great look that it has, but also because it has a floral meaning of nobility and nature, so it is a great flower to hand someone.
Best use: Arrangements or as part of bouquets
Price Range: Expensive
Season: Spring and summer
Colors: White, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Flower Name: Roses
Symbolizes/meaning: You could write an entire book on the different meanings of roses, depending on the color, number, with thorns or without! But as a general rule, roses mean beauty, joy and love, as they are one of the best-known flowers, and the ones most associated with love.
Best use: Roses are the most popular wedding flowers; you can use it for arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres
Price Range: Moderate to expensive
Season: Year-round
Colors: Red, white, Yellows, oranges, corals, lavender to almost a pale sterling blue, deep black almost black.

The secret language of flowers is an engaging way for you to bring personal symbolism to your special day. Want to see more flowers and their meanings? Check here for an even longer list,  and then ask your florist for ideas on how to work your favorite blooms into your wedding celebration.
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