Tips for Planning a Warm, Rustic Wedding

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It may only be March, but brides are already beginning to plan rustic weddings perfect for the late summer and autumn. Possessing a simple, carefree elegance, rustic weddings can incorporate handmade, DIY-aesthetics in romantic wooded or bucolic settings. Picture tea lights flickering in Mason canning jars, tables draped with vintage tablecloths, and rows of lanterns hanging from the rafters of a picturesque barn. From the moment they get your wedding invitations, your guests will be transported to a simpler time, back when the weekend meant laying in a hammock reading a book or taking a long walk. Below, find tips for pulling together a handmade wedding with a refined edge.

Pick a Venue

Find a space for your ceremony and reception that already possesses great character, be it exposed beams and brick walls in an urban area or a covered pavilion in the country. The more personality a space already offers before you begin decorating, the less you’ll have to do to create the kind of carefree, old-fashioned ambiance rustic weddings present.

Choose Colors

Select one or two warm main colors and a single, neutral background color. You might settle on colors you love after browsing bridesmaid dresses or taking a nature hike. Also, consider the season. A wedding in the fall can garner inspiration from changing leaves, while a winter wedding can focus on gold or deep red.

Source Lights

Whether you infuse clusters of candles in clear glass votives or crisscross strands of vintage white Christmas bulbs above the dance floor, the key to maintaining ambience in a rustic wedding is keeping lights soft and warm. Consider clustering single light bulbs to make a DIY chandelier or arranging paper lanterns on wooden stumps set at different heights.

Settle on Flowers

Vibrant wildflowers or bouquets of bright green herbs and found stems can be used to create sophisticated, elegant bouquets bound together by hearty velvet ribbon. Centerpieces can include wreaths crafted out of wheat, or glass terrariums filled with succulents or moss.

Plan Activities and Gifts for Your Guests

Offer old-fashioned lawn games and activities for your guests, like horseshoes or a photo area using a vintage truck as a backdrop. When it comes to favors, you can’t go wrong with edible take-home gifts. Try filling Mason jars with homemade vanilla caramels, loose-leaf tea, or coffee.

For more rustic wedding inspiration and ideas, visit sites like Pinterest to view ideas for ceremonies, receptions, dresses, wedding invitations and more.