It’s official! Radiant Orchid is the color of 2014, according to the color experts at Pantone . The Color of the Year combines the warm, evocative hues of purple and violet with the grace and beauty of the orchid flower, the perfect color to accompany any wedding celebration.

Choosing the right color for your wedding, whether it be invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses, or flower arrangements, is important. Invitation Story is here to suggest this year’s hottest color trend be added to your list of possible color candidates. Below are a few reasons why Radiant Orchid stands out.

The Colors of Radiant Orchid

Purple, one of the facets of Radiant Orchid, is a color that represents good judgment and peace of mind, and is often associated with mystery and magic as well as royalty. By many, purple is believed to be the most ideal color, combing both the warmest of colors, red, and the coolest of colors, blue. Likewise, violet is the color of purpose, most closely connected to inspiration. Of course, Radiant Orchid also includes pink hues, a color that symbolically represents love and beauty.

The Meaning of Orchids

Captivating, alluring, distinct, beautiful, and exotic are a few words that best describe the orchid flower. Their intricate appearance immediately attracts viewers. Orchids can convey diverse messages, but from a historical standpoint, orchids represent wealth, love, and beauty. Today, they are commonly thought to be a symbol of longevity, elegance, and rare, delicate beauty. Few other flower types possess the abilities of the orchid family to impress their receivers.

Make your 2014 wedding dazzle by incorporating the inspiring, eye-catching hues of Radiant Orchid in your wedding plans!